Den här sidan använder kakor för statistikinsamling. Genom att fortsätta använda sidan godkänner du användandet av kakor.


Applied Cultural Heritage is about using cultural heritage in a way that strengthens democracy and social development. Cultural heritage that makes a difference!

Kalmar County Museum and Linnaeus University have created a joint research and development environment in applied cultural heritage. This environment will initiate and manage projects that promote socially relevant applications of cultural research, especially in relation to cultural heritage and historical sites. Thus, focus is on various forms of interaction between culture and other areas of society, such as health, education, labor, tourism and the cultural and creative sector.

It is widely acknowledged that cultural heritage can enrich people’s lives and contribute to social cohesion and cultural exchanges. Cultural heritage is an important factor for identity building, which means that cultural heritage institutions and cultural heritage research play an essential role in maintaining a collective cultural identity. However, the traditional emphasis on collecting and conservation within the cultural heritage sector means that society has not yet realized the full potential of cultural heritage.

Internationally, applied cultural heritage is well established as an area where scientific research is combined with practical experience and knowledge. From this, new research has developed and new methods have been implemented. In Sweden, the concept of applied cultural heritage is still fairly new. In this respect, Kalmar County Museum and Linnaeus University are innovative and at the forefront, and they are both internationally and nationally recognized in their respective fields.

One of the goals of this joint effort is to increase the awareness of cultural heritage and cultural heritage research, and how to use this as a resource. Our ambition is that the research and development environment will become permanent and an important driving force for regional development and sustainable growth.

The research and development environment is financed by the Swedish National Arts Council and the Regional Council of Kalmar County. Carolina Jonsson Malm is the research coordinator. Please contact us if you are interested in knowing more about the project or want to cooperate! We are also on Twitter.

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